Ditsch (Sarwar) She came close to me & kissed her in front of the other couple.
Rygg (Attock City) The tension in the room was heating up.
Horneff (Plesna) Her fingers were busy in undoing my fly & she succeeded in pulling the zip down expertly.
Riden (Popesti-Leordeni) My wife is so fair, & looks so alluring that any man would give his life to have her doggie style.
Abernethy (Poole) She too must be hot as hell I thought.
Hardan (Grove) That meant my wife was in oozing with her cream.
Kimel (Kirkland Lake) She was eating my cock as if she never has seen it.
Hespe (Buliran Segundo) It was wet, hot & oozing of her juices.
Offutt (Bevil Oaks) He was slurping her as if there is no tomorrow.
Meline (Letlhakeng) We again made passionate love with each other.
Hammerlund (East Jordan) If you are thinking of a swapping experience do contact us, we want to meet only classy, educated, and decent couples.
Pelfrey (Lorut) Write to us through the link below you will not be disappointed.
Alatosse (Bulle) This is the first selection of stories about the adventures of these three.
Huffines (Trsic) Her long red hair, wet from the rain and tied in a pony tail, hung down her back between her shoulder blades.
Drybread (Cabras) Large hoop earrings hung from her earlobes.
Tapaha (Jamestown) It was evident to Rick that she had the more athletic body with a firm stomach and thighs.
Zumot (Cerchio) Her short blond hair, cut just below her ears, hung just above her shoulders in the back.
Tallent (Szamotuly) With the added protrusions from their chests, he surmised that women could not be as good at golf as men.
Otake (Santiago) He smiled as he watched the two women, thinking back to the first day he met them.
Sipe (Malintrat) He was behind the counter in the pro shop when these two lovely ladies came through the door.
Beiswanger (Szczecinek) They were a whirlwind of conversation as they looked through the merchandise on display throughout the pro shop.
Affagato (Gerardmer) They picked up clothing items, holding them up for each to inspect, then discussing how they would look on the course.
Corey (Parkville) Rick watched with mild amusement as the woman wandered aimlessly through the racks trying to find the right outfit.
Pastorius (Patiali) Rick had seen these types of women in the past.
Loaiza (Rosbach vor der Hohe) His last love affair, Kathy, was one of those women.
Angolo (Canaway) She had gotten to know Rick from the private lessons her husband gave her as a birthday present.
Niebla (Enugu Ezike) At that time, Rick was bouncing around the country, playing in tournaments trying to make it to the big tour.
Cancer (Mount Horeb) Their love affair started after a late lesson.
Halward (Cogua) Rick had sent the younger employees home and was closing the pro shop when he heard knocking on the locked outer door.
Foore (San Andres Ocotlan) Going to investigate, he saw Kathy standing at the door, waiting for someone to answer her knock.
Pliner (Bukittinggi) He smiled and told her he didn't mind her looking while he finished closing.
Woge (Corry) He locked the door behind her after she entered, brushing close to him.
Avolio (Lordelo) She left the office door slightly ajar, giving Rick a view into his office when he looked in that direction.
Worland (Dashtavan) He watched as she quickly pulled her top and bra off exposing her breasts to the cool air conditioned air.
Mungle (Talbisah) Her nipples immediately hardened and her hands instinctively covered her breasts, softly squeezing the large mounds.
Wienhoff (Friend) The fingers of each hand found the hard bud, slowly twisting them, making her cry out softly with passion.
Beckom (Kornye) Rick watched as she pulled the sweater over her head, seeing her hard nipples protruding from the knit fabric.
Rene (Zsombo) What she did next made his cock harden.
Pourner (Saline) Pulling off her shorts, she sat in his large desk chair with her feet on the desk.
Yeager (Danville) When she had gotten herself situated, she looked up and saw Rick peering through the partially open door.
Roots (Dennis) There was a moment of silence as the two weighed their options.
Piros (Mabini) She stood up, walking toward him, saying I've wanted you for a long time.
Lagares (Sadiqabad) Their kiss was passionate as their lips crushed together.
Benthall (Kavala) He tasted her red lipstick with his tongue, snaking along her sensuous lips.
Batas (Kormend) Their arms encircled one another drawing them tight together.
Schertz (Al Mafraq) Their hands grabbed at the others body, massaging and pulling each other closer.
Manor (Lapus) They broke their kiss, only to begin kissing the others neck.
Majercik (Savda) Rick's hands roamed over her tight ass, pulling her against his hardness.
Jedele (Greenville) One hand stayed glued to her round ass squeezing and pulling her against him as his other hand sought out her breasts.
Lamanna (Krasnotorka) Sliding upwards he felt the soft sweater material separating his hand from her flesh.

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